It’s Time the World Discovered…

This blog is the brain child of neighbors on the Near East side of Columbus. We live, work, worship, and play in this community, and we love it! This is a diverse community with charming historic homes, great restaurants, art studios, parks, and events. The neighbors here care for each other and are committed to working together for a safe, just, and welcoming community.

Despite all the great stuff happening in our neighborhood, we seem to get a bad rap in Columbus. And frankly, we’re tired of it.

That’s why we’re here. We’re here because we love our community, and we want others to discover this unique area of Columbus. This blog is your one-stop shop for all the great people, places, and happenings on the Near East side. Here you’ll find groups where you can meet your neighbors and get involved. You’ll learn the best places to grab a bite to eat, catch a show, or see an artist’s work.  And you’ll find plenty of upcoming events to fill up your weekend (and your week).

So if you’re a visitor, we invite you to come check out all the Near-East has to offer. Catch a show at the historic Lincoln Theater or take a Sunday drive through the rows of historic early 20th century homes. (While you’re drooling, you may even consider buying one and becoming our neighbor!)

If you’re already our neighbor, we invite you to get involved! Join a block watch or civic association. Support your local restaurants and shops. And most importantly, spread the word! Tell your friends and neighbors what you love about your neighborhood and help us make the Near-East side the best place to live in Columbus!

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