Vacant House Beautification

A hard working crew of neighborhood residents and friends have been working hard this summer to maintain and beautify 16 vacant properties in the 43205 zip code. Armed with lawn mowers, weed whackers, trimmers, and trash bags, our teams have gone to war against jungle-high grass and unwieldy bushes. Now that all 16 properties are manicured, the crews are turning their focus to installing battery operated motion sensor lights and painting the boarded windows and doors to blend in with the rest of the structure.

Here are a few of the before and afters. We’re still in process, but you can already see an improvement.

The goal of this project, funded through United Way’s Neighborhood Partnership Grant, is threefold.

First, all of these properties are not only being brought up to code, but are also being transformed into lovely spaces within the neighborhood. By painting the boarded windows, painting porch railings, and adding potted flowers, our goal is that these properties become eye-catching, not eye sores.

Second, the newly transformed properties will increase safety and decrease crime in and around the property. When grass and weeds are overgrown, rodents and criminals alike find hiding places within vacant lots. By installing motion sensor lights, we hope to deter break ins and chase any critters away.

Finally, our hope is that these properties will eventually be sold or rented to responsible neighborhood residents. This is, of course, the ultimate solution to the vacant housing issue. We need people to come and occupy these homes with care and respect. We believe cleaning up the properties is an important step in that direction. It’s much easier to see the potential in a beautiful, well maintained home than it is in an overgrown, run down space.

I think the before and after pictures here really say it all! Our crews have managed the heat with grace and have truly done a fantastic job. We’ll be working hard over the next few weeks to paint windows and porch railings, and add some bright spots of color with flowers. Stay tuned for updates as continual improvements are made! If you have questions or are interested in this project, please contact Courtney Rowland 614-252-3157 x124.

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  1. My Director, Jim Mims, came to me this morning and asked that I assist is spear heading a project to get boards painted to help beautify our many vacant properties. Louisville KY is a fast going, artistic city with many vacant buildings that blight our city. I was wondering if you had any ideas on how we can get started in recruiting the neighborhood to participate.

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